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Powerful and Effective Cleaning

Revitalise Your Driveway – Choose Our Pressure Washing Services in Ballymoney

Your driveway is one of the first things people see when they visit your property, so make sure it provides a great first impression. Our pressure washers are perfect for all types of concrete and stone-effect driveways, and we endeavour to provide a service that’s unique to you. Based in Ballymoney, our team serve clients within a 35-mile radius, and we always complete each request to the highest of standards.

Request a Quote

Here at Coastal cleaning Service, we provide a free quotation on site. Our team visit your property to advise on a price and a timeframe. You’re not left with a hefty bill to pay at the end either, as all our staff are paid by the hour. Since some jobs take less time than others, you’re sure to make a saving

Guaranteed Services

All our driveway services come with a money-back guarantee for your peace of mind. This proves our commitment to a high-quality service. You’re sure to receive an efficient solution that effectively cleans your driveway.

CONTACT our driveway cleaning team, in Ballymoney, for further details about our cost-effective pressure washing services.

Efficient Solutions

You don’t need to provide any outside taps for this service, as we have a portable water tower. This allows us to complete work in a range of locations. Once the power washing is complete, we re-grout the drive. Occasionally the pressure washer removes sand in between the stones, so we replace it to make your drive look as good as new.

Further Services

As well as our driveway cleaning options, we also provide pressure washing on patios and uPVC. This allows you to effectively improve the outside of your home for a cost-effective price.

Chs mobile power washing service