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Powerful and Effective Cleaning

Comprehensive Patio Cleaning Services in Ballymoney

Revitalise the exterior of your property with help from our paving and patio cleaning services. Based in Ballymoney, and serving clients within a 35-mile radius, we are always happy to assist. Nothing is too much trouble for our talented team, and we use our power washer on all patios, including tarmac, stone, and concrete.

Tailored Services

Each power washing service is tailored to your property, and a money-back guarantee is available. This ensures that your patio is rejuvenated. Our team bring their own water tower to your property, which means we don’t need an outside tap. As well as this, we re-grout your patio after the wash is completed, as sand may be washed away during the service. This leaves your patio looking like new!

CONTACT our patio and paving cleaners, in Ballymoney, for more details on our wide-ranging services

On-Site Quotations

A value-for-money service is incredibly important to us, so we always provide a free quotation that includes a timeframe and price. This is priced by the hour, which allows you to save money, depending on the size of the work. From driveways to roofs, we deliver a wide range of power washing services to meet your needs.

Chs mobile power washing service