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Powerful and Effective Cleaning

Enhance Your Home! – Roof Cleaning Services in Ballymoney

Your roof is an incredibly important part of your property, which is why it should be regularly cleaned and maintained. Our professionals provide a complete pressure washing service on a range of roofs. This removes dirt that may have built up over time, and gives it a like-new appearance. Serving those within a 35-mile radius of Ballymoney, we are always happy to revamp the exterior of your property.

Positive Results

A power wash could completely transform an old, neglected roof. If this sounds like yours, please enquire about our services. We work on all types of roof, including the following:

  • House Roofs with All Types of Slates
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Conservatories

CONTACT our roof cleaning team, in Ballymoney, for more information about our pressure washing services.

Safety First

All necessary safety equipment is used by our team, and we are experienced in our field, which allows us to provide a wide range of services. This includes a range of commercial pressure washing services for businesses in the area.

Value Orientated

Once you request our services, our friendly team visit your site to provide a free quotation. This involves a thorough inspection of the roof, and we advise on the price and the timeframe. Our services are priced by the hour, which we believe is fairer than a set rate. It allows you to save money if a job is easier than expected, and reflects the service that we provide.

Chs mobile power washing service